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The human factor is a key aspect of any organization, but in a services company like EUREKA TRADING is where, undoubtedly, gets a trascendental significance. 

The human resources policies are an strategic priority for our company being convinced that our people are the great asset we have as a company that it is in a very competitive sector. Our main goal is to attract, promote and retain our people´s talents. 

EUREKA bases the perfomance of its activities on the ethical and technical assets belongings to its human teams with the commitment of providing high quality and added value services. 

This is only possible from a strict selection system where we try to incorporate the best professionals in order to offer the best services to our clients.  

Therefore, we look for the academic and professional excellence but without forgetting human quality. The spirit of cooperation and the capacity to work as a team are the essence of our philosophy.

If you want to be part of an expanding sector and of a young and professional team oriented to the client, please send us your resume. 
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